Apples are the official fruit of the State of Washington, and with good reason. Working with the bountiful resources and ideal climate our state offers, growers in Washington State produce the highest quality apples in the world.

At Columbia Valley Fruit we are proud to play an integral role in making Washington apples available to consumers around the globe. We store, pack, and ship apples from over 50 Central Washington growers, handling both organic and conventional apples.

In response to the needs of our growers and customers, Columbia Valley Fruit has invested in the most advanced technology in our industry:

  • We offer over 200,000 square feet of modern storage and Controlled Atmosphere (CA) capacity.
  • Our highly automated apple packing system sizes, color sorts, and packages apples according to the unique requirements of each individual customer, resulting in faster returns for our growers.
  • Our packaging facility has a four-bay shipping dock, allowing for timely shipments.
  • Our automated system scans all packaged fruit before it enters the truck, ensuring accurate shipments which translate to happy customers and better returns for growers.

We value our growers and we make every effort to provide them with all the information, communication, and support they need to ensure the best fruit quality and the highest returns. Our experienced field men provide growers with timely communication and advice to ensure them the best pricing for their fruit. We also provide training to growers who are interested in organic certification.

Columbia Valley Fruit is committed to leadership in food safety. We continually strive to obtain the highest possible level of food safety certification by following optimum food handling practices. We also provide our growers with incentives and assistance in obtaining food safety certification.

Responding to the needs of customers and growers, investing in the latest storage and packing technology, providing timely expert advice to our growers, leading our industry in food safety protocols -- all are ways that we at Columbia Valley Fruit show our commitment to providing consumers with the highest quality apples in the world!

Why Choose Us?
Our fieldmen work with growers to ensure that fruit is picked at its peak to ensure the best possible quality... more info
Years of experience count! Our partners and fieldmen can advise you on every step of the growing process... more info
As stewards of the lands that our orchards grow on, the sustainability of our business depends on the health of the land. We invest time in ensuring that the best possible sustainability practices are followed throughout the growing and processing of your fruit... more info
At Columbia Valley Fruit the "Grower is King". Our goal is your success! The focus we have on the growers' needs shows this emphasis in our work every day. From the partners to the fieldmen to the warehouse and shipping staff, our goal is to ensure a successful harvest, every year... more info