Our Growers

At Columbia Valley Fruit we value our close relationships with our growers. Because we recognize that we are only as successful as the growers we serve, we are highly committed to providing you the grower with every available resource to ensure optimum fruit quality and excellent returns.

Field Staff

At Columbia Valley Fruit we are proud to have the best field staff in the State of Washington. With over 30 years of combined tree fruit experience, Tim and David will put their expertise to work for you, providing you with everything you need to ensure the best pricing for your fruit, including:

As a grower you can expect weekly visits from our field staff. You can also expect to deal with the same field man every time you need information or advice. We understand that consistency will help save you time and frustration. Your field man will be your direct line of communication with our warehouse, ensuring you can always get the information you need about your apples with one phone call.

At Columbia Valley Fruit we enjoy serving Central Washington apple growers because we know that Central Washington growers produce the best apples in the world!

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