Our Fruit

At Columbia Valley Fruit we are proud to provide the best apples -- the official fruit of Washington State -- to consumers all over the world. Along with our growers, we are committed to providing the highest quality Washington apples, both conventional and organic varieties, to consumers in the United States and abroad.

We store, pack, and ship apples from over 50 Central Washington apple growers. Some are conventional growers, some are certified organic growers, and some growers produce both conventional and organic apples.

We value each of our growers and we make every effort to provide them with all the information, communication, and support they need to ensure optimum fruit quality and returns.

From our Orchards

From our Orchards


Varieties of apples we store, pack, and ship at Columbia Valley Fruit:




Braeburn Aromatic and juicy with a spicy, sweet-tart flavor. Firm and very crisp. Great for salads and snacks. October – June Braeburn apples - grown in Washington State
Fuji Very crisp with a spicy-sweet flavor. Excellent for snacking and salads. Keeps very well. October – July Fuji Apples - Washington Grown
Gala Aromatic, sweet, and crisp. Perfect for salads and snacks. August – June Gala Apples
Golden Delicious Sweet, mellow flavor. Thin skin that doesn’t require peeling. Great for cooking, baking, drying, and fresh eating. October – August Golden Delicious Apples
Granny Smith Firm and crisp with tart, tangy flavor. A cooking and baking favorite. October – July Granny Smith Apples
Honeycrisp Crisp and juicy. Sweet with a slightly tart finish. Great for snacks, salads, cooking, and baking. September - January Honeycrisp Apples - grown in Washington State
Jonagold Sweet aroma. Juicy with a sweet-tart flavor. Excellent for cooking or eating. September – January Jonagold Apples
Pink Lady Tangy-tart, sweet flavor with a firm, crisp texture. Great for snacking or baking. October – June Pink Lady Apples
Red Delicious Juicy, sweet, and crunchy. America’s favorite apple. Popular for snacking. October – September Red Delicious Apples
Organic Apples

At Columbia Valley Fruit we believe in the merits of organic fruit production. Two thirds of the apples we store and pack are certified organic. We’ve been growing organic fruit since 1988, with one of the first organic apple farms in Washington State.

As a WSDA certified organic handler, we adhere to all of the required protocols for handling organic apples. We use no chemical fungicides or ethylene blockers to arrest ripening of the organic apples we store. We only use approved procedures and natural products to help preserve the organic fruit we handle, in accordance with National Organic Program standards.
Our growers trust our knowledge and experience of the organic fruit industry and the corresponding government agency requirements. We also provide training to growers who are interested in organic certification.

Assisting Our Growers

Because many of our growers produce other fruit in addition to apples, we provide resources to connect them to storage, packing, and marketing of: pears, peaches, nectarines, cherries, and other fruit.


We package apples according to our customers’ specifications:

  • Tray pack
  • Clamshells
  • Mesh bags
  • Poly bags
  • Tri-wall bulk bins
  • Rigid Plastic Packaging (RPPs)
Our Customers

We provide quality Washington apples through our marketing arm, Oneonta Star Ranch Growers domestic and international markets.